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枪手字典C到E [复制链接]


阿森纳A到Z档案......C是大炮,大钟的C Arsenal's A to Z - C is for...Cannon, Clock and more

阿森纳官方网站2004年6月9日 翻译:马尔可夫链蒙特卡罗(未经本人同意请勿转载译文)


The cannon is synonymous with Arsenal and is a reference to the military influence in Woolwich, where the Club was formed and based until 1913. The cannon on the Arsenal crest bears great similarity with those on the crest of the Royal Arsenal Gatehouse in Woolwich. Despite the Club's ties with the area being cut 91 years ago, the cannon remains a prominent Arsenal symbol, from the crest to official merchandise and stationery.



It's impossible to underestimate Herbert Chapman's impact on Arsenal. He transformed Arsenal with his his far-sighted ideas and methods. Off the pitch, Chapman's innovations included shirt numbers. On the pitch, he moulded Arsenal into football's dominant force, leading them to their first major honours - the 1930 FA Cup and the 1933 title - before his tragic death in 1934.



The famous clock at Highbury actually started its life overlooking the North Bank. It was originally used to count down time during matches, an innovation of Herbert Chapman. The FA ordered Arsenal to remove it so Chapman merely changed the timepiece to a conventional clock. It was moved to the south end of the ground following the building of the North Bank roof.



Arsenal have won the Shield 11 times and shared it once - in 1991 - after a draw with Tottenham. The Gunners first took part in the traditional curtain-raiser to the English season in 1930, beating Sheffield Wednesday at Stamford Bridge. In fact, of the 10 matches contested from 1930 to 1948, Arsenal won six. Now rebranded as the FA Community Shield, the showpiece will feature Arsenal for a third successive year when they face Manchester United in August.



Specifically the Parken Stadium, scene of arguably Arsenal's greatest European night. George Graham's team, shorn of top scorer Ian Wright, were overwhelming underdogs against the might of Parma in the 1994 Cup Winners' Cup final. But Alan Smith's goal gave them the lead and a heroic defensive display secured the Gunners' second European trophy.

特别是帕根球场见证了也许是阿森纳在欧洲赛场最伟大的夜晚。在1994年优胜者杯决赛中面对强大的帕尔马,格拉汉姆带领的以赖特为箭头的球队完全不被看好。但是阿兰 史密斯的进球使阿森纳获得领先,英雄般的防守最终为阿森纳获得了第二座欧洲奖杯。


The Club adopted its first crest in 1888, based largely on the coat of arms of the Borough of Woolwich. It has been developed down the years, most notably when the Latin quotation 'Victoria Concordia Crescit' (translation: 'Victory grows out of harmony') was added in 1949. The latest crest design - without the quotation - was formulated in 2002 as the Club embraces the future and moves forward.

俱乐部在1888年采用的第一个徽章,很大程度上是以伍里奇市的盾徽为蓝本的。徽章历经修改,最显著的1949年是加上拉丁语字样‘Victoria Concordia Crescit' (译为:和谐带来胜利)。最新的徽章设计没有这一字样,是在2002年采用的,标志着俱乐部拥抱未来,大步前进。


阿森纳A到Z......D是迪克逊和双冠王的D Arsenal's A to Z - D is for... Dixon, Double and more

阿森纳官方网站2004年6月9日 翻译:马尔可夫链蒙特卡罗(未经本人同意请勿转载译文)


David Danskin, a Scot, assured his place in Arsenal's history in 1886 when he founded a works football team at the Woolwich Arsenal in Kent. He was one of the founder members who formed the first ever 'Arsenal' team and it was his generosity that added three shillings (15p) out of his own pocket, to the 6d (two-and-a-half pence) that was collected from the original 15 players. This fund was used to buy the club's first ever football.

苏格兰人大卫 丹斯金因为在1886年创立了伍里奇兵工厂的工人足球队而被载入阿森纳的历史,他是第一支以‘阿森纳’命名的球队创始人之一,他慷慨地出资3先令(合15英镑,注:当时这是一大笔钱),和其他15个其他最早的球员捐出的两个半便士一起被用来买俱乐部历史上的第一个足球。


Arsenal's current vice-chairman has been at the Club for 21 years. Since buying Arsenal shares and becoming a director in 1983, he has been a major driving force behind the Club's progress in the modern era. Dein was responsible for bringing Arsene Wenger to Highbury in 1996, when the Frenchman was relatively unknown in England. Dein was also instrumental in the birth and development of the Premier League, which has re-shaped the structure of English football.



The Club was christened 'Dial Square' by David Danskin, a few weeks after the Scot had founded what was to become Arsenal Football Club. Dial Square, built in 1717 and designed by Vanbrugh, was a workshop at the Woolwich Arsenal in which the majority of the team's first 15 players worked. The workshop acquired the name 'Dial Square' because of the large square sundial that was positioned in 1764 over its entrance. It is still there today.



A member of the famous Arsenal Back Four, a unit which formed the bedrock of the Club's success from the title win of 1989 to the early Wenger years. George Graham brought Lee to Highbury from Stoke for a mere £350,000. It proved to be an outstanding bargain as Dixon went on to make 623 appearances for Arsenal and win 22 England caps. Awarded a testimonial in 1999, Lee retired from the game in 2002 and now works in the media.

迪克逊是阿森纳著名的四人后防线的一员,这条防线是俱乐部1989年获得冠军和温格早期成功的基石。格拉汉姆把迪克逊 李从斯托克队带到了海布里,花费了35万英镑。后来证明这是一笔非常合算的交易,迪克逊为阿森纳出场623次并代表英格兰出场22次。1999年俱乐部为他举行了纪念赛,在2002年他宣告退役,现在从事媒体工作。


Arsenal first celebrated the League and FA Cup 'Double' in 1971 when Bertie Mee's team won at White Hart Lane to pip Leeds to the title before beating Liverpool at Wembley. The feat was repeated in 1998 - Arsene Wenger's first full season in charge - when a 10-game winning streak brought the Premiership to Highbury for the first time and Newcastle were beaten in the FA Cup final. A third Double followed in 2002, clinched in style with a win at Old Trafford.



One of the finest strikers in Arsenal's history. Ted Drake was a key member of the all-conquering sides of the 1930s, scoring a remarkable 139 goals in 184 games for the Club. On December 14, 1935, Drake created a League record by scoring all seven goals in Arsenal's 7-1 win at Aston Villa. Drake also claimed the winning goal in the 1936 FA Cup final as Arsenal beat Sheffield United 1-0 at Wembley.

他是阿森纳历史上最优秀的前锋之一。特德 德雷克是20世纪30年代那支战无不胜的阿森纳的核心成员,在184场比赛中令人吃惊地为俱乐部打入了139个进球。在1935年12月14日,德雷克创造了一个联赛纪录,他在7:1胜阿斯顿维拉的比赛中打入了全部7个进球。德雷克还贡献了1936年足总杯决赛的致胜球,当时阿森纳在温布里以1:0战胜了谢菲尔德联队。


阿森纳A到Z......E是东看台的E Arsenal's A to Z... E is for East Stand

阿森纳官方网站2004年6月10日 翻译:马尔可夫链蒙特卡罗(未经本人同意请勿转载译文) EASTERN WANDERERS 东部流浪者队

Eastern Wanderers were the Club's first ever opponents. Under the guise of 'Dial Square', the founder members played a friendly match on December 11, 1886 on a field in the Isle of Dogs. The team found a makeshift kit to go with their makeshift name and venue, and won the game 6-0. The Club's first 'season' comprised a number of friendly games with seven victories and a draw from 10 matches.

东部流浪者队是俱乐部历史上第一个对手,当时还叫做戴尔广场的俱乐部创始队员在1886年12月11日在Isle of Dogs地方的一个球场和对手进行了一场友谊赛。球队找到了一套临时的服装,使用一个临时队名在一块临时场地上6:0赢得了比赛。俱乐部的第一个‘赛季’是由若干友谊赛组成的,在10场比赛中取得了7胜1平的战绩。


A deft and graceful footballer, George Eastham won 19 international caps and spent six years at Highbury, netting 40 goals in 207 appearances before Bertie Mee sold him to Stoke in 1966. A popular figure at Arsenal, Eastham won a significant victory in the fight for players' freedom of contract after taking his case to the High Court when Newcastle refused him permission to leave the club in 1959. Eastham was awarded an OBE in 1973.

作为一名灵巧幽雅的球员,乔治 依斯顿代表英格兰出场19次并在海布里效力6年。在主教练米尔把他卖到斯托克城队之前,他在207场比赛中打入40球。他在海布里是个受欢迎的人物,依斯顿赢得了事关球员合同自由的一次重要胜利,他在1959年纽卡斯尔拒绝允许他离队后把官司打到高级法院。在1973年依斯顿获得了英帝国勋章。


Arsenal's elegant East Stand is an Art Deco masterpiece and was built in 1936 by William Binnie. Constructed to complement the neighbouring Victorian houses, it is a Grade II listed building. The main entrance has a terrazzo floor with emblems of the Club and a bronze bust of Herbert Chapman. It houses the main offices at Highbury as well as the dressing rooms, board room, cocktail lounge and press facilities.

1936年由威廉 比尼所建的阿森纳的东看台是一个艺术装饰的杰作,它的设计配合了邻近的维多利亚式的民宅,被并列入英国二级保护建筑名单。主通道的地面是磨石地面,带有俱乐部标志的图案,同时还竖立有查普曼的半身铜像。这里也是海布里主要办公室,更衣室,董事会会议室,酒廊和新闻发布设施所在地。


Seven players have captained England while on the books at Arsenal - David Jack, Eddie Hapgood, George Male, Alan Ball, Tony Adams, David Seaman and Martin Keown. Kenny Sansom is Arsenal's most capped England player with 86 appearances. Arsenal hold the record for fielding the most players in an England team. On November 14, 1934, seven Gunners lined up in the 3-2 friendly win against world champions Italy at Highbury.

阿森纳的7名球员曾经担任过英格兰国家队的队长--大卫 杰克,埃迪 哈普古德,乔治 梅尔,阿兰 鲍尔,托尼 亚当斯,大卫 西曼和马丁 基翁。在国家队打了86场比赛肯尼 桑赛姆是阿森纳队员中代表英格兰出场最多的球员。阿森纳保持了为英格兰国家队贡献最多球员的纪录。1934年11月14日,在3:2战胜当时的世界冠军意大利队的友谊赛中,英格兰有7名场上队员来自阿森纳。


Jacob Epstein was the famous expressionist figurative sculptor whose bust of Herbert Chapman stands in the marble halls of Highbury's East Stand. He was born of Russian and Polish parents in the United States in 1880 but became an English citizen in 1907 after moving to London in 1905. Epstein married Kathleen Garman in the 1920s and was knighted in 1954. He has a heritage plaque dedicated to him at his former home of Deerhurst, Loughton.

雅各布 爱泼斯坦是著名的表现主义人物雕刻家,他创作了竖立在阿森纳东看台大理石门厅的查普曼塑像。他于1880年出生在美国,父母是俄国人和波兰人,但是在1905移居英国后于1907年成为英国公民。爱泼斯坦在20世纪20年代和凯思琳 加尔曼结婚,并在1954年被授予爵士称号。在他位于Deerhurst, Loughton的故居竖有纪念他的铭碑。






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